How Many? When? Alone or With Your Partner?

Confident Childbirth

The Practicalities – Hypnobirthing Classes

How Many?

I know from long experience that your hypnobirthing classes can be completed in just a few sessions, making it easy to fit into your life and very good value. Each session will be around 90 minutes long. We’ll agree on this when we discuss your needs and what would work best for you.


It depends when you would like to come for hypnobirthing classes and when you feel ready. You will be asked to listen to recordings and practise techniques, so it’s helpful to come when you know you’ll have the time and motivation to do this.

Some come in the early months or mid-pregnancy, others wait till nearer the time. The only thing I would say is that by coming along sooner rather than later, you’ll reap the benefits of increasing confidence that much earlier in your pregnancy.

With Or Without My Husband / Partner?

Again it depends on what is right for you and how you would like to manage the birth of your baby. Some partners come for just one or two classes, others attend all of them and gain a lot from it.

Other partners don’t come here at all. They can learn how to offer support and contribute very positively to the birth of your baby through discussions that the two of you can have at home together. I can support and facilitate this.

I know from experience that Confident Childbirth hypnobirthing classes are equally (and highly!) effective whether or not the partner comes to sessions.

Any partner who has specific fears of their own to manage would be welcome to have one or two sessions on their own.
Please contact me to discuss what would be best for you and your partner.

Individual Sessions

As well as guiding you to learn some core skills, I tailor each session to your needs and wishes and respond flexibly to any issues you might bring along. You will have greater choice of days and timings.