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Testimonials – Confident Childbirth

“I had wanted a calm enjoyable birthing experience free from anxiety and that’s 100% what I had. Confident Childbirth gave me a method to stay calm in the lead up to the birth and not really worry about what was to happen. It enabled me to go into an ‘inner place’ during the birth so I could just let my body do what it knew how to do without any thoughts or anxiety affecting my body or mind.

Now that I have the baby, I know that when/if things get difficult I have that mechanism of coping and that it does work for me. It is something to turn to and often just knowing it is there means it is never needed and that is reassuring in itself.

I absolutely recommend this method and have told all my friends about it!” AH

“It was such an empowering experience. It was quick. That initial stark arrival at the hospital to be assessed was the worst bit. I just closed my eyes and breathed the entire time. It wasn’t long as I was already 6cm by then and we went up to the birthing centre.

I used the gas and air in the birthing centre and managed to get through with that and the TENS, big belly breaths and a yoga panting technique to hold the pushes when I had to slow down.

The Hypno tools just came forward. The calm room when I had a minute to rest before the pushing, but most of all, the power and strength. I felt elated by the strength of it all. It is the hardest physical work ever. And I suppose mentally too, but all the time, I just felt in this weird zone. I could hear the people in the room but could easily switch in and out of what I wanted to hear, and speak up when I needed.

It’s amazing how the body really does just tell you what will help. Thank you so much for all the affirmations. It’s really in the prep and then it just comes to you when you need it.” DO

“I came to Confident Childbirth sessions because I wanted the courage to cope during pregnancy and especially childbirth – something I’d been terrified of due to a profound fear of dying in childbirth. Also to change my perspective about being a mum – terrified that life would end when baby came.

I totally adore my daughter and I survived childbirth so my goals have been met. I’ve amazed myself at the courage I showed and  I persevered even when I had severe doubts. Confident Childbirth training gave me hope and courage to take a chance and embrace the unknown. I’m not sure I would have known how to cope without the experience. I’m hugely grateful and would wholeheartedly recommend Confident Childbirth.” JI

“Thank you for all your help in the preparation, I have to say that I know it helped, in a number of ways. My whole labour was less than 8 hours. I am totally convinced that this was because I was relaxed so didn’t experience a long stressful 1st stage. I woke up and went almost immediately into contractions every 5 mins, then 3 pretty quickly. I’m not sure I was able to focus effectively on floating in the sea, but I did manage to fall asleep between contractions (yes, even though they were only 3 mins apart and definitely used the ‘I’m calm and my body knows what it’s doing’ mantra. Overall I had a very positive experience, one of the easiest labours I have heard about, so thank you.” KP

“If I compare how I was feeling after the birth of my daughter just over 2 years ago to this time round with my son, I feel like a completely different person. Previously I suffered extreme post natal depression, I didn’t leave the house. I was traumatised by my labour and felt completely miserable each and every day. Now just 3.5 weeks in, I’m happy, I can look back on my labour and smile I feel proud of what I have achieved and I believe that Confident Childbirth is to thank for that.” TS

“I had my baby last Friday. All very sudden, breaking of waters and a C-section as the little man was oblique with little chances of him going back to the right position. I need to thank you for all your help. I was quite controlled on my way to the hospital and even directing my husband and ready to face anything if I was meant to have a natural birth. But that wasn’t meant to be and all’s well that ends well . Your sessions gave me a lot of positivity and increased focus. My obstinate positivity kept me on a high and helped me cope with my recovery. Thank you for your help.” MS

“I had a false start the night before so was quite in the zone by the time I went into full labour! I did find your tools helpful. Mainly thinking about each contraction as getting closer to my baby and trying to smile at each one. I have to say it was still fairly painful but it was quite quick  ( 2 hours from arriving at hospital). Interestingly I didn’t use the safe place particularly, but mainly the thought of the outcome and trying to enjoy the experience as much as possible!!” TH