Self-Hypnosis for Childbirth

As explained in the FAQ, self-hypnosis for childbirth might sound out of the ordinary, but you go in and out of trance all day long, so your mind knows how to ‘do’ hypnosis, even if you’re not aware of it!

When you daydream, drive on autopilot or become absorbed in tv, music or a book, then you’re in a trance. When you imagine yourself on your next holiday or evening out, you’re taking yourself into trance. If you find yourself reliving your school days or a job interview, you’re in trance.

It’s not necessarily a matter of going ‘deep’, it’s more like having an inner focus, a concentration on your own mind, and a choosing to put your attention on to things that are helpful to you.

With self-hypnosis for childbirth, you’ll quickly learn to drop into a positive and relaxed state of mind. We’re all different so your Confident Childbirth coach will guide you to find a way of doing this which really works for you.

Being trained hypnobirthing therapists means that we know how to guide you to do this quickly and surprisingly easily.


Helpful For Life As Well As Childbirth

Self-hypnosis has a great effect on the body and the breathing, which is all good for the process of childbirth (and a healthy life way into the future too!) and increases your sense of being in control.

It can be a really powerful tool that supports you in quite surprising ways during the rest of your pregnancy, and after your baby’s birth too. People tell us they use in medical waiting rooms and the dentist’s chair, to help them to get back to sleep in the night and to relax for breastfeeding. In fact it’s a really valuable skill you can use for the rest of your life.

Many fathers and other birth supporters also value learning self-hypnosis for their own calm.