Previous Traumatic Birth

Previous Traumatic Birth

If you’ve previously had a traumatic birth that has left you feeling fearful about the next one, wouldn’t it be great to be able to overcome that trauma and approach this new birth feeling positive?

As a trained therapist, I understand that the mind wishes to hold on to the negative experience because it believes that in this way it is warning and protecting you. But in this case, this baby is a new one and different, so this time can be completely different. Being able to look forward to welcoming your baby is much more pleasant for you and means you can feel in control.

So like all Confident Childbirth hypnobirthers, I have a tried and tested and entirely positive approach to rebuilding your confidence and equipping you with all the tools that you personally need. Together we build these up until the deepest part of your mind is able to recognise that it’s ok and safe to put the previous experience behind you.

We only do this one-to-one so that you get the full attention of a trained hypnobirthing therapist who knows how to overcome trauma positively.

“Amazingly I have completely overcome my first labour experience. I don’t feel emotional and upset when I think about it and can openly talk about what happened without getting upset. I went into my 2nd labour feeling prepared, confident and equipped ready to pretty much take on the world. I have never felt such achievement in my life” TS