Life With Your New Baby

Life With Your New Baby

However delighted you may be to be expecting this baby, there may also be worries about becoming a parent for the first time, or about how your new baby will fit in to your family and how you can meet the needs of more than one young child. Some expectant mothers worry about breastfeeding or how they’ll feel if their baby cries.

These are all issues which we can specifically address in your Confident Childbirth classes. I can guide you to build up the positive mental tools that equip you for this new stage of your life.

That way, for example, you could:

  • have skills up your sleeve for remaining calm while your new baby cries and your toddler wants attention
  • enjoy using the self-hypnosis you’ve learned for the birth to relax during breastfeeding
  • let your self-hypnosis lull you back to sleep after getting up in the night for the fourth time (!)
  • have rehearsed yourself handling tricky situations within the family
  • gain confidence in what being a parent means to you

In short, would it be good to clear up whatever currently stops you from looking forward to parenthood, so that you can feel excited when the birth of your baby begins?