A Flexible Programme

Confident Childbirth

Flexible Hypnobirthing Classes: What to Expect

I’m a fully trained hypnotherapist which means that I’m able to tailor your flexible hypnobirthing classes precisely to your needs and wishes –  so that you can change your mindset from worry or anxiety to calm and confidence.
I’ll teach you a whole set of easy-to-learn flexible techniques that you can make your own:

    • Self-hypnosis – this is simply the ability to go to a positive and relaxing place or state in your mind. It’s much easier than you might think and brings you lots of benefits through your pregnancy and after the birth too.


    • Several pain control techniques which increase your ability to be in control and achieve the birth that is right and positive for you and your baby. Of course, it’s entirely up to you whether or not you have chemical pain relief or whether you decide that medical intervention would be helpful. It’s just that having these skills can increase your sense of control and choice.


    • Communication skills so that you can communicate positively and confidently with the medical team who are supporting you and with the people around you.


  • Positive visualisations and mental rehearsal of the birth and of parenthood.

As well as guiding you to develop those skills, I’ll help you with any worries or wishes that you might have.

For example you may need to put the memory of a previous birth behind you, or you might be particularly interested in feeling in control during the birth or in learning to cope calmly with a new baby.

Because each of our hypnobirthing classes is flexible, your particular concerns and wishes can be addressed. Everybody’s different and needs can be quite specific, so please do contact me on 020 8743 0962 to discuss any particular wishes, fears or anxieties you may have. I’ll be happy to let you know how I might help.