Hypnobirthing with confidence


 The Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Approach to pregnancy wellbeing & birth confidence



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Overcome anxiety

Learn to release fears, resolve anxiety, and overcome past experiences in a safe way. We can help you feel calm and ready for birth.

Relax for birth

You can learn to relax deeply and know support your body during birthing. You will gain a wonderful toolkit for labour and beyond.

Feel empowered

Feel able to make positive decisions, feel supported by your partner and understand how to grow in confidence for birth.

A flexible and specialist approach to positive birthing

The Confident Childbirth hypnobirthing method helps you feel well in pregnancy, overcome fears and prepare with confidence for birth. 

What we can offer you:


          • Tailored birthing course for you and your partner
          • Delivered by qualified and experienced QCH Practitioners
          • Combines hypnobirthing, Cognitive Hypnotherapy and pregnancy wellbeing coaching.
          • Includes the most up to date hypnobirthing tools and ideas
          • Offers safe pregnancy hypnotherapy for high anxiety, tokophobia or trauma issues
          • Supportive of all birth choices and preferences
calm hypnobirthing

Helping you experience a positive and calmer birth experience

Our Practitioners


Our practitioners are all fully qualified Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapists and trained in Confident Childbirth hypnobirthing.

As experienced therapists, we can help you overcome fears and high anxiety in a safe and gentle way whilst pregnant.

We are independent hypnotherapists across the UK with a shared passion for positive birthing and empowering women.

We offer a wealth of different knowledge and experience so get in touch to find out more. 

Please note our course details and prices can vary.



What do you want help with?

Birth Anxiety

Pregnancy Anxiety

VBAC Preparation

Pregnancy after miscarriage

Birth Trauma Resolution

Pregnancy after IVF

Birth related phobias


Positive C-section

Confidence for Dads

Postnatal confidence

Decision making confidence

A Confident Childbirth hypnobirthing course helps you to:

          • Feel empowered and in control of your choices
          • Overcome anxiety and fears
          • Trust your body and your baby
          • Bond with your unborn baby
          • Understand how your partner can support you
          • Learn self-hypnosis and deep relaxation
          • Build a confident mindset
          • Learn pain management tools and comfort measures for labour

“When the time came and I went into labour, I was able to use the skills I had learnt and was able to stay calm and in control. I would highly recommend to anyone, I have learnt skills that will not only help in labour but can help me throughout life. “

Charlotte H

Google review 2021

I felt I had everything I needed going into the birth, where I made all the choices that were right for me. I gave birth to my happy, healthy baby girl and felt positive about my birth, even though things weren’t completely straightforward, I always felt in control.

Sally Heady

Google review 2020

During labour I was confident in getting my needs met and communicated well with my partner and all the midwifes. Our baby boy was born into the water and I am sure this calm start to his life helped to ensure a chilled baby in the first few days at home… The midwife’s commented on how calm I was during active labour.

Davina Ledermann

Google review 2018

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