Overcoming Fears and Anxieties

Overcoming Fears and Anxieties

Do you have particular aspects of the birth process that concern you, and maybe even worry you intensely? I’m a fully-trained Cognitive Hypnotherapist as well as a hypnobirthing therapist, which means I can use some very flexible techniques which enable you to overcome any specific anxieties or fears you may have about this birth.

I use entirely positive and brief methods to address particular worries as part of your hypnobirthing learning. Mothers who work with me report that they find classes supportive, interesting and even fun. They are often astonished by the transformation inside themselves as they are guided to find their own personal way to reduce worry and become excited at the thought of the coming of their baby.

By preparing with Confident Childbirth hypnobirthing, you can find inside yourself the strengths and positivity that enable you to let go of anxiety. You’ll learn a set of pain control techniques to increase your confidence, whatever choice you make about how you would like your baby to be born.

You’ll develop your own positive visualisations so that at the end of four classes you know you have a mental ‘toolset’ that works well for you because you’ll have been practising and using it in between classes to relax yourself and build your confidence.

“Everyone loves to tell you how bad giving birth is. I wasn’t scared or worried beforehand as I felt in control, relaxed and ready. During the birth, when a contraction came, I used the thoughts that I had learned with you. I was totally in control, the midwives couldn’t believe it!” KT