Gaining Trust That You Can Do This

Gaining Trust That You Can Do This

Before starting hypnobirthing sessions, many mothers have told me that they simply didn’t believe that they could give birth. For some it’s a lack of trust in their mental ability to stay calm and to cope with the process. Others don’t have confidence that their body can do this.

Confident Childbirth is designed to give you a set of positive mental tools that you can use to develop confidence in yourself and in your body.


Trusting Your Body

I guide you to realise that your body absolutely does know how to give birth – it’s what women’s bodies evolved to be able to do. And that trust in your body increases your sense of calm during the rest of your pregnancy.
The good thing is that being mentally positive and calm, with the mind at ease, seems to enable the body to get on with using its natural, physiological processes to open up the way for the baby and then to guide the baby out.


Trusting Your Mind

By the end of your Confident Childbirth sessions, you’ll have a huge set of tools for calm and for pain control. Many of these work automatically, so that you can relax into being excited about the birth of your baby.

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“In the lead-up to the birth, Confident Childbirth gave me something to work on and believe in to make the birthing experience a good one. It enabled me to stay calm.” AH