Being In Control

Being In Control

Anxiety about being out of control during childbirth is sadly all too common. Mothers fear being controlled by

  • the medical team (‘they know best, don’t they?’) or
  • their own emotions (‘I’ll panic’, ‘I’m a worrier’) or
  • pain (‘I can’t handle it’)
  • a repetition of somebody else’s birth experience (‘it’ll be just like my sister or friend’s experience’)

Confident Childbirth hypnobirthing can meet and deal with any or all of these issues – building up your confidence and sense of being at the heart of your own baby’s birth, with each birth a unique event, and you having the means to be confidently aware of what your body is doing and to communicate positively with the medical team who are there to support you.

The flexible techniques you’ll learn for pain control give you increased resourcefulness and build up a realisation that you can handle labour calmly and confidently.

“I was the most relaxed person in the birthing room!” DJ