About Jane

About Jane

My name is Jane Hodgkin, I’m based in Acton, West London and I’m the founder of Confident Childbirth.

When I had my son, back in 1991 and before I knew anything at all about hypnosis or hypnobirthing, I felt helpless and out of control, a state I would like every mother to avoid! For me this work is about helping mothers to feel calmly in control of the birth of their child. What I would like is for for childbirth to be a time of pride and achievement.

During my training as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I realised that using positive mental skills could make a big difference to childbirth. After qualifying, in July 2002, I attended the excellent specialist training in Hypnotherapy for Childbirth with Medical Hypnosis, two doctors who were also clinical hypnotherapists and practised the techniques they taught with their pregnant patients. I put the two approaches together to evolve Confident Childbirth and have been using it with expectant mothers for over ten years now.

Since 2006, I’ve been teaching Confident Childbirth to colleagues. I love to hear about the difference that they make to the women they work with.

My Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing practice is in Acton, West London, convenient for Ealing, Chiswick, Hammersmith, Shepherd’s Bush and Richmond.

I really enjoy helping each mother to have the best birth she can – the birth that is right for her and her baby – and in the process freeing her to enjoy pregnancy and look forward with pleasure to having the baby.

Please contact me on 020 8743 0962 or e-mail jane@confidentchildbirth.co.uk and I’ll be happy to discuss how I could help you to experience the birth you would like.


I Believe

“What’s important isn’t how you give birth, but how you feel about it afterwards”

    • I believe that childbirth can be a positive experience.You don’t have to feel fearful or helpless.
    • The birth of your baby needn’t be like other people’s experiences.
    • Each mother is different and each baby is unique: I give you a flexible set of mental tools, including techniques for managing discomfort.
    • You can learn to use your determination and your belief in what’s right for you and your baby to enable you to have the best possible experience of birth.
    • You can learn confidence in communicating with your medical team.
    • Chemical pain relief and / or medical intervention can be positive options confidently chosen for mother or baby and part of a good experience of birth.
    • I believe in normalising birth, because birth is a natural process that women’s bodies have evolved to be able to do.
    • The body does know how and one of our key tasks is to help you to trust your body and its instincts so that it can perform its task as smoothly as possible.

I am refreshingly down-to-earth and completely flexible.

If I am too far away from you, please click on Find A Class and discuss your needs and wishes with your nearest Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing Coach.